Parks and green spaces – Cluj-Napoca

parks Cluj-Napoca

Our town has great places to spend relaxing afternoons or evenings, especially if you are looking for some cheap, creative ways to enjoy the nature. If you take a trip to Cluj-Napoca for work or business purposes and you have a full day of meetings, you need new strength or energy to reinvigorate. Our town has so many green spaces, perfect for a refresh because the urban life combines so well with some oasis. The only decision you will have to make up refers to the area which suits you the best. There are some places which can surely recharge everyone’s batteries:

  1. Iulius Park is located near to the Iulius Mall. It is not one of the biggest town’s parks but it has a unique beauty and it is easy to be found. This place was a project meant to offer you the space you need to practice open air sports. There is available a great running track and the Gheorgheni Lake gives the space for the needed freshness. Iulius Park is located at 5 kilometers distance from our location.
  2. Cetățuia Park is one of the most popular locations of Cluj-Napoca. It is perfect for a sunset visit, because the view is amazing. It is located on a hill, so the panorama over the city is astonishing. You can take advantage and practice some sports, because you have to climb 237 stairs in order to arrive at the destination. We guarantee, however, that the effort is well worth it. Cetățuia Park is located at 6.8 kilometers distance from our location.
  3. Central Park is the ideal place for a hang out with your family. Walking on the alleys, lying in a hammock or feeding the ducks are just a few pleasant activities that you can enjoy. You can also practice sports, read a book, take pictures or attend events and concerts that are being held in the park. Central Park is located at 6 kilometers distance from our location.
  4. Someș’s cliff represents the path between Babeș Park and Rozelor Park. It is ideal for those who enjoy practicing sports like skateboarding, biking or scootering. If you have the time and one of the vehicles mentioned above you should not miss this great opportunity! Someș’s cliff is located at 8.6 kilometers distance from our location.
  5. Miko Garden is a small place, but there are lots of green spaces, alleys and benches where you can sit and relax or meditate when you are around. In the past there used to be a botanical garden there, put nowadays it accommodates the Faculty of Geography, Babeș-Bolyai University. Miko Garden is located at 7.4 kilometers distance from our location.
  6. Iuliu Hațieganu Sports Park is the perfect place to be if you stay in Cluj for a long period of time and you want to have fun with friends of family while practicing sports. The available facilities are: a running track, a covered swimming pool, a football pitch and a gym. All the facilities are accessible surcharge. Iuliu Hațieganu Sports Park is located at 9.9 kilometers distance from our location.
  7. Skatepark Rozelor is a well-known park among the sports lovers because it is a modern place where you can skate, roller skate or cycle. Also, there are two basketball courts, a playground and some fitness equipment. If you travel in Cluj-Napoca with your family, but especially with your kids, you should not miss this place. Skatepark Rozelor is located at 9.4 kilometers distance from our location.
  8. Mercur Park is located in Gheorgheni district and it is a real oasis because it was designed as a playground. Large green spaces and trees create the perfect fairytale space – you can call it ”an urban forest”. If you are an adventure lover, you have to take a long walk before the day ends. You can also make new friends because there are a lot of people walking their dogs around. Mercur Park is located at 5.7 kilometers distance from our location.
  9. Iuliu Prodan Park is an example for all the green spaces mentioned above. It is the cleanest of them all. It is located in Zorilor district, at 6.4 kilometers distance from our location. It is the ideal place for a relaxing hang out with family, because it is a nice quiet place.