The route between Avram Iancu Cluj International Airport and La Villa Hill Resort


Cluj International Airport

Tourists traveling to Cluj-Napoca have the privilege of enjoying the presence of an airport that has national and international flights. It was founded in 1932, but in the past times, the access toward the location was difficult to proceed. The flights took place at another location – Someșeni Military Airport – very close to the place we know today. Nowadays, the situation has changed considerably. Avram Iancu Cluj International Airport is located on Traian Vuia Street, no 149-151 (code CLJ) and the tourists can travel from there towards the city in four different ways.

The BUS and taxi used to be the most popular options, but nowadays tourists have the freedom to choose the specific car they want to travel with at the accommodation unit. This option is available due to the local car rental companies. Nevertheless, another alternative may be the Uber which provides you great prices and gives you the freedom to enjoy a ride based on your wishes.

Our location

You can find us in the Borhanci district on North Street (Strada Nordului). Our location does not have a number but it is really easy to find us using a map or a GPS (Global Positioning System).

  1. Travelling by BUS

The BUS station is located in proximity to the airport (about 3-4 minutes away on foot). You have to travel by BUS number 8, paying only 2 lei/ride (about 0.5 €). You have to travel from the „Airport” BUS station (12 bus stops – about 27 minutes) to the „PMV 2 Sos” BUS stop. Then you have to walk to the „Michael the Brave Square III”, where you need to take another BUS (number 32B) and travel for 10 minutes (5 bus stations) and you will arrive at the „Alverna West” BUS stop. This ride will cost you 2 lei too (about 0.5 €). There are available tickets which cost 4 lei (about 1 €) and can be used for 2 rides, so you have to pay attention at the type of ticket you buy. After this BUS trip, you will have to walk about 2.3 kilometers to arrive at our destination (in about 33 minutes you will be able to see our location – La Villa Hill Resort).

If you choose to travel by bus you must be willing to complete the distance in about an hour and 20 minutes, making a 30-minute walk too. This option is the best choice for those who have a small luggage and want to save some money.

  1. Travelling by car

If you want to drive by yourself you may rent a car and travel by route DN1C/E576 because it is the best option and the traffic is less crowded. The Apahida-Vâlcele/DN1N is a much more crowded route. You have to drive a distance of 11.4 kilometers, so this route is shorter that the   other one (19.2 km).

You have to leave the airport parking lot and drive straight and then to turn right on the Traian Vuia Street. Next, you have to turn right on the DC142D route driving 1 kilometer and leaving the roundabout and take the first exit, on the Slănic Alley. You have to drive straight and turn right on Take Ionescu Street, then you have to turn left on Septimiu Albini Street. You have to drive straight on the Constantin Brâncuși Street and turn left on Borhanciului Street. Then you have to turn right on Nordului Street and you will arrive at your destination in about 69 meters, after turning left.

This option is suitable for those who are in a hurry and want to save some time, because travelling the distance between our location and airport takes about 25-30 minutes.

  1. Travelling by taxi/Uber

Taxi and Uber represent an alternative for those who do not want to spend much time on the road, but whom are not willing to rent a car. After leaving the airport you will see so many cabs available to take you at the destination. The costs may vary due to the route the driver choses to drive on (as we said there are two options: DN1C/E576 and Apahida-Vâlcele/DN1N). You will arrive at the destination in about 30 minutes and the fare is about 0.50 €/km.

The second option is to request a ride using Uber. If you don’t have the app installed on your smartphone, you can download it whenever you want because it’s free on both iPhone and Android. Before you select the driver, you can choose the car and its facilities because there is an option which will provide you a child seat if you need one. You can also see the cost of the race so you will not be surprised at the end of the journey. The best two advantages of Uber app are the fact that you can see the amount of money you will pay and also you can use only your credit card, so if you do not have any cash money, this will not be a problem.

The distance between the Avram Iancu Cluj International Airport and our location will be a safe one for you and your child if you choose a car with a child seat. The cost of the ride will be between 12.5 and 15.5 €.